Amazing Networking

NSHAP gives you the opportunity to network with other Holistic Arts Professionals from around the nation in an interactive forum conducive to learning and growth.

Build your Resume

Obtain prestige and distinction with our Certificate of Recognition. Build your personal brand by speaking, being on a panel or participating in a round table at an internationally recognized venue.

Increase Productivity

Learn how to take your practice to the next level with our interactive Q & A panels and problem-solving round tables where you learn in a hands-on environment.

Small Group Focused

Intimate, interactive and personalized groups of holistic professionals enable you to maximize your sharing time and get the most out of your experience.

NSHAP 2017 Featured Speakers

Anne Sturgis

The Art and Science of Ashiatsu Massage:

The Japanese origins, benefits of structural bodywork with massage, and the positive outcomes it offers your clients.

Jimmy Yen

Achieving Health Independence for your Clients: 

Incorporating acupuncture, Chinese medicine, nutrition, fitness and functional medicine to empower your clients to regain their heath independence for the rest of their lives.

Dr. Corinne Weaver

Learning how to Breathe:

Tracing illness to improper breathing, and how to correct this with BREATH – B-back, R-relax, E- essential oils, A-allergies, T-thermography, and H- heal from the inside.

Dr. Tammy Hunter

Change your Beliefs, Change your Life:

Holding a PhD metaphysical Science and named BEST Counselor in Las Angeles 2016, she will be presenting on the three main questions we should be asking your clients.

Dr. Jeffrey Levy

Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist and House call Practitioner:

Unique perspectives, life experiences and marketing techniques from 20 years of successful practice in NYC and Manhattan.

Dr. Brent Davis

Expounding on the relationship between flower essences:

How to obtain immediately measurable changes in your practice with findings from his book “The Floral Hand Of God”

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NSHAP is a Boutique Symposium that brings together Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Reiki practitioners, Massage therapists, Homeopathic healers, and Energy workers in a intimate setting built just for people like you.

See what our attendees are saying…

“The networking at these conferences are great.  I met a lot of people that are dealing with the same challenges, and gave me fresh insights.   I’ll be back next year.” – Linda S. from Hawaii

“All the sessions and keynotes were informative and made me realize that there is still a lot to learn to run a great office.” – Jess P. from Denver

“I had the best time staying at Treasure Island.  I met some great people at our conference that really helped me grow my business.” – James W. from Ohio

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